Culture of Change

Recognition is growing among business leaders of the need for a culture change within their organizations. Moving from recognition to reality, however, is the difficult step.

The problem lies in the perception – or misperception – of what a culture change actually entails.

Culture change is not a program with a completion date, nor is it a quick fix. It is an ongoing journey – a journey that requires leaders to understand the current state of the organization, establish a clear vision, align behaviors and instill accountability.

Lean Six Sigma Can Help Your Company Change

Facing the need to improve the culture of their organizations, large corporations, small businesses and not-for-profit organizations all say the same thing: “We’re different, we’re unique. Lean Six Sigma won’t work for us.”

But in actuality, they all hire talented people with goals and ambitions, and with expectations as to how they will be treated, accepted, rewarded and promoted. And each of these people want to see the business improve operations.

What they lack, however, is a roadmap to get from point A to point B, and the tools to help them along the journey. That is where Lean Six Sigma comes in.

Lean Six Sigma as a Roadmap for Change

Managing change during a process improvement effort, such as a Lean Six Sigma project, is essential. Not only is it essential for the team working on the project, but for the organization as a whole in understanding what the Lean Six Sigma team is doing and accomplishing.

Creating a culture of change includes:

  • Understanding the basics of Lean Six Sigma
  • Opening people’s minds to improvement and change
  • Sharing examples, case studies and research
  • Benchmarking your organization to best-in-class competitors
  • Providing proper Lean Six Sigma tools for the job, so employees don’t feel helpless in their journey
  • Modifying management policies, including metrics, governance, and rewards and recognition
  • Establishing timely and routine reviews and accountability
  • Improving communication within the organization
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